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Since it had been quite a while since I have posted on this blog I figured I would change things up seeing how that is all I have done this past year is see changes in my body & my life. I hope to be a little more punctual at posting and checking back her, feel free to leave me comments! You know how fun it is to get mail- :-) Anyway, I hope you enjoy what you see & read.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Sun Must Be Shining Again

Wow, Have I been out of it for too long! I just didn't have it in me to write about anything or even to anyone. Not that I was feeling bad or anything, just blank mind, I guess it was just too hard to think there for a while! Anyway, I have been feeling quite perky lately and have been scrappin' & I have also found inspiration for a couple of other fun projects; here are a couple of pics:
matchbox of fun memories

Artist Trading Card

I got a matchbox like this from my dear sister and decided to make a few as gifts for a couple of friends. The ATC is the first of a series that will sort of document my cancer journey. Speaking of which; I had surgery last Monday to remove the high risk of breast cancer returning. Yep, I did, also had some reconstruction surgery done at the same time. I am still sore, but feeling better daily.  I go for a checkup on Tuesday to make sure that the proper healing is happening.

My niece and her 2 daughters were here for a visit, a fabulous one I might add- and what was even better was that my niece and I got to get away and scrap at my new fav store in Dover, TN for a day! We were in heaven! I did 2 12x12 pages & 10 6x6 pages to get a gift started for a friend. I wish we could get together and play more often! We had a wonderful visit, even got to take the boat out for a spin around KY lake!

Well. I guess I don't have to make up for time lost, catch you on the next go 'round.

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  1. artist trading cards, what a good idea!! and cute too!