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Since it had been quite a while since I have posted on this blog I figured I would change things up seeing how that is all I have done this past year is see changes in my body & my life. I hope to be a little more punctual at posting and checking back her, feel free to leave me comments! You know how fun it is to get mail- :-) Anyway, I hope you enjoy what you see & read.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Polar Plunge-Really?

Yes, Our annual Polar Plunge was today to raise money for Special Olympics for Western KY. It was cloudy. It rained too, but not until all 513 plungers did their thing. But COLD? not really, the water (I was told) was 51 degrees. I, along with who knows how many others were officially TOO CHICKEN TO PLUNGE! We did our part by supporting them and collecting money for this fabulous cause! We even got T-shirts that say we were chicken!  There were costumed groups and awards too. My daughter and one of her besties got to help hand out awards.

You ask- Are they crazy? yes, some of them, sure, but most of us just know all the good that comes from this wonderful, annual event.

We have only held it for three years and each year all totals from the previous year were broken.
Was it a success? I'll say, today $91,000.00 was raised!

Yea, I'd say this was a great day!

Thanks to everyone that pledged, plunged, participated as an official Chicken, shared our link, volunteered and any other manner of support! Thanks-Thanks-Thanks & God Bless!

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