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Since it had been quite a while since I have posted on this blog I figured I would change things up seeing how that is all I have done this past year is see changes in my body & my life. I hope to be a little more punctual at posting and checking back her, feel free to leave me comments! You know how fun it is to get mail- :-) Anyway, I hope you enjoy what you see & read.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Well, no chemo today, again not for snow this time tho'

- my blood count was way low. So now I get to have a shot each day for 3 days that will make my bones hurt, but is supposed to boost those cells up, THEN I can go back to work on Thursday and all the other things I enjoy, but for now I am on house arrest for the next two days :(

No reason I can't pay some much needed to a few things around here tho! I believe that I will work on my journal that I am creating for this cancer- it's also a book safe to keep the cards and trinkets that I have received from family & friends. I will post a few pics after I get some more work done on it.

Taxes need attention too- guess there is no better time than now to get everything collected and get that fun job taken care of and maybe, just maybe I can find time to scrap a page or two.

Sooo, bottom line is that outside of this rotten bronchitus that I haven't been able to shake thusfar, I do feel good and am glad to say that I am still kickin' cancer's ass!

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  1. Glad you are feeling good Kathy although sorry you are on "house arrest" - I hear you on the taxes - gotta get busy!!!