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Since it had been quite a while since I have posted on this blog I figured I would change things up seeing how that is all I have done this past year is see changes in my body & my life. I hope to be a little more punctual at posting and checking back her, feel free to leave me comments! You know how fun it is to get mail- :-) Anyway, I hope you enjoy what you see & read.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

She's such a SWEET 16 year old...

I can't believe it- My Allison is 16 now. She had a dance party last night and some of her favorite friends were there to help make the night she will always remember! There was plenty of food, music, singing & HELP (thank you VERY much), and laughter! She received some fabulous gifts from her fabulous friends and I do believe that everyone there really had fun. I will have to post pictures tomorrow because I haven't uncovered my camera as of yet- it's here, I just haven't put my hands on it yet. knowing Allison, she probably grabbed it and has it in her room reviewing the whole night! I had to laugh tho', when I said goodnight, she sat on her bed and signed "birthday finished",I chuckled and said "yes, it is done now". She climbed into bed, pulled the covers up and fell into a fast sleep, probably dreaming of the night she will always remember...thank you friends

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